Everyone will want to have their own home, whether it is from scratch or buy an existing one. And what must be done when choosing a house is to choose a good house in a housing complex. This needs to be done because every housing developer will definitely compete to offer the concept of good environmental management, a good home in terms of health, good home design coupled with the availability of facilities and infrastructure for you.

How to Choose a Good Home in Housing

1. Location selection

Choose a house that is strategically located near the office / place of work / where you do your daily activities and easy access to transportation such as close to toll booths, bus stops, and train stations.

2. Adjust to finance

A comfortable home is certainly expensive, so it must be adjusted to your financial capacity.

3. Payment system

There is a house purchase system 2. The first is the cash payment system or the second is the KPR / Kresit payment system. The mortgage payment system can certainly provide a solution for those of you who want to have your own home but have limited funds. With this system, you only need to prepare a down payment to the developer and meet the mortgage requirements at the bank. That way you can have your own home.

4. Home design

You need to pay attention to the design of the house that you are going to buy. A house with a modern minimalist design has artistic value and creates it for everyone who owns it. In general, minimalist designs are relatively more expensive. But don’t rule out the possibility you can have a house with a minimalist modern design at an affordable price.

5. Developers

You should pay attention to the developer that you will choose. Find a good song developer so that problems don’t arise in the future, whether during the payment process, the development process, or when you occupy your dream home.

6. Environment

Better to find an area that has a beautiful environment, safe and comfortable to live in. A good area can create a good atmosphere for your home environment.

7. Public Facilities

Public facilities are very important to support your life, be it a place of worship, shopping, or educational institutions. If there are no adequate public facilities, then the time you have to spend to enjoy your dream home will run out on the road, because of the long distance to get the public facilities you need.

Therefore, do not let you choose the house of your dreams because it is one of your high-value assets. If you choose the wrong house, then later you will regret it.