Houses have a main function, which is to protect us from all weather, both heat and rain. In addition, the house also has a variety of designs. Starting from a simple minimalist house to a type of luxury house, there are now many designs that can be a reference for those of you who want to decorate a residence.

Well, for those of you who have simple and small dwellings, don’t be pessimistic. In fact, this will minimize the budget that needs to be spent. Especially one-story residential. This time there are simple minimalist home design tips that can be an inspiration for you who want to beautify your home.

Simple Minimalist Home Interior

In managing a simple house with a minimalist room, the main key is to arrange the interior plan of the room and the furniture inside the house. The layout and placement of items need to be positioned accordingly, the color of the house’s paint and wall decoration also need to be a concern.

1. Bright Color for Interior

Don’t be afraid to play color. Especially bright colors. Experimenting with bright color choices is not wrong. However, the application must be precise and not excessive. Apply bright colors to the room so that it can bring a broad impression on the room.
Bright colors like white, yellow, orange, sky blue, green can be used as the dominance of your wall paint color. Also use a color palette that is in a minimalist home interior.

2. Choose a wallpaper with a simple patern

If you choose the wallpaper to decorate the walls of the house, then choose a wallpaper that has a simple patern and is not too crowded. Lively wallpaper with a wallpaper can give the impression of being cheap and very contrasting with the concept of expected simplicity.
Choose a wallpaper with a simple motif with neutral colors to keep your home simple, look wider and sweeter.

3. Avoid Hit Motives

If the wallpaper in your living room has a polka dots pattern, then don’t put colorful pillows with splashy motifs such as tribal or stripes. Because, it will give the impression of ‘crashing’, so the room seems tacky. If you are a lover of monochrome motifs, try to harmonize the motives.
Instead of using all three in one room. With the right coherence, that is, your room that was originally ordinary seemed luxurious and modern.

4. Select the appropriate furniture

Don’t get confused when you shop for home furniture if your house is small. Because if you buy too much furniture, it will only give the impression of being narrow in the room. Buy items that are needed and have an important role in household life.
If you only want to give a decorative function such as a unique bookshelf, then buy a medium to small size so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Mirror can also be chosen because it gives a broad impression on the room. Install a large mirror vertically in the living room so that the room that was narrow seemed wider.

5. Proper lighting

Windows can be used as an alternative to save daily electricity costs. Because the light coming in from outside the window is bright enough to minimize the use of lights during the day. Large windows and the selection of the right lights play an important role in a simple minimalist home design.
The goal is to give the impression of being broad, fresh, and open. Then choose a window with a simple frame that is rather large and the lamp as a perfect combination to give the impression of space in your room.

6. Glass Doors

In addition to large windows, you can also choose doors with glass material to give a broad impression. The use of glass doors is often applied to modern minimalist home designs. So the use of this glass door can give the impression of luxury and modernity in your simple occupancy.
Apply glass doors to rooms that are directly adjacent to the green area or children’s play area. When you want to calm down then the green area can be a fatigue release alternative, and for those of you who want to monitor children’s activities in the play area.

7. Minimalist kitchen

If you like to cook, then the existence of the kitchen becomes vital. In addition, a good kitchen will give a good mood too. So that the food served tastes delicious. However, you need to remember is not to display all the cutlery on the wall of your kitchen set.
Take advantage of small cabinets as a storage place for your cooking furniture. If your house is spacious enough, choose a dining table that is placed side by side with a minimalist kitchen. But if your house is really small, then choose a dining table that integrates with the kitchen area.