Whether you’re moving resource across the country or down the street, taking fragile items with you can be challenging. Irreplaceable items such as family heirlooms, wedding china and expensive art can’t be thrown in a box and piled on a moving truck. Here are three ways you can ensure your items are protected.

Hire Professionals

When you have several expensive collections that need to be packed for a move, reaching out to local moving services is one option to consider. These professionals often have supplies that aren’t sold in your typical big box store. From extra sturdy boxes to custom molded foam, professional movers have experience moving these types of belongings.

Pack it Yourself

If you don’t trust anyone else with your precious items, some specialized supplies are helpful if you want to do it yourself. Think of packing in multiple layers, beginning with wrapping in paper or fabric to hold the item together and protect the edges from rubbing. You can then cover each item with bubble wrap or moldable foam wrap for extra protection. Packing peanuts or additional layers of foam go on the bottom of the box with your item placed in the center. Fill the container with peanuts or foam for protection all around. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, consider placing the packed box inside a wooden crate.

Carry It

The final option is to keep the item with you. Small things can fit nicely inside a bag or suitcase, while more oversized items can fit in the back seat of your car. Though this process ideally only works for short moves, it does require you to make several trips back and forth if you have multiple items.

Keep your family heirlooms safe when you move. Hire professionals to carefully pack the items for you, invest in top-quality supplies or keep them with you if you want to do it yourself.