If you want to start a kitchen renovation, it’s actually not just a matter of changing an old design to a new one. It’s not just about changing it to make it prettier and more pleasing to the eye. Far more important than that, kitchen renovation must be based on the need for better kitchen functions. Especially if the area of space for the kitchen tends to be small. Before you do a kitchen renovation, there are at least the following 5 important things that must be considered.

Kitchen Renovation

Determine Needs

Before renovating a kitchen, you must first determine your list of needs for the kitchen to be renovated. This will make your new kitchen design function ideally. The list of needs should include things you need, not things you want or dream about.

Observe Around the Kitchen

You also have to observe the condition of the room around the kitchen. You must observe details such as wall structures, clean and dirty water lines, electrical lines, and air exhaust if you want to install a cooker hood. In addition, also make a list of existing kitchen elements, for example kitchen countertops, cabinets, sinks, to determine which ones will be maintained and which ones will be replaced. The small details above will determine the performance of the kitchen design in the future. In addition, it also greatly affects the budget, because changing these parts requires a lot of money.

Find Design Inspiration

Before renovating a kitchen, you must determine which kitchen design or concept suits you best. If you already have an idea of the needs and conditions of the existing space, the kitchen design inspiration you are looking for will be more narrow. Design inspiration isn’t just about appearance, but you also need to find ideas about storage that will be applied later. If there are special elements that you like, for example sink models, certain tile or ceramic motifs, certain cabinet looks, save that inspiration. This is useful as a guide when choosing materials for kitchen renovation.

Determine the Budget

After getting an idea of the kitchen renovation you want, do a rough calculation. What influences the cost of kitchen design a lot is the choice of material. To find out the choices and price ranges of materials, you can conduct a survey on the prices of building materials. However, adjusting the cost of kitchen remodeling to a budget doesn’t mean you can get the lowest price. Choose the best material. There are times, you actually need to pay more for some vital elements in the kitchen. The reason is, if this important element is damaged, repair costs in the future will actually spend more funds.