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Mark’s relationship with Brad and Randy was usually adversarial, particularly in early seasons as he was usually the butt of their jokes, pranks and teasing. While Mark by no means truly bonded with Randy, in the last season Mark and Brad grew very close as the results of the dynamic of their relationship changing when Randy left for Costa Rica.

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While most of his appearances had been to assist the Taylors, on seldom event somebody who was within the extended family, or a nonmember, corresponding to Al, would hunt down Wilson’s recommendation. He has traveled the globe and realized a lot from virtually each tradition in existence. He has a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies, learning “extinct languages and forgotten cultures”. His house is full of artifacts together with a pet myna bird named Mozart who appeared occasionally.

Mark ultimately became taller than Randy in the seventh season. Marcus Jason “Mark” Taylor (Taran Noah Smith) – Mark is the youngest and most sensitive of the three boys. He relates very carefully with his mom, especially after the primary season. He doesn’t share many pursuits along with his brothers or father, and within the early seasons was often the victim because of his naïveté of some sensible joke that Brad and Randy had thought up on the spot for him. Mark isn’t a troublemaker, as he does not possess a joking demeanor or perhaps a hint of a mean streak. On the uncommon events that Brad or Randy embrace him on pranks, Mark typically blows their cowl by responding to someone when he isn’t supposed to or divulging an excessive amount of info. This divulging of knowledge not only will get Brad and Randy in bother, but often Tim as properly, especially when he is making an attempt to maintain something he stated or did from Jill.

Unlike Brad who dated many various ladies, Randy, for the most half, only dated one girl, Lauren, whom he remained with for the rest of the sequence. Brad got along properly with Randy, especially early on within the show. The two are sometimes seen working together to tease Mark, making an attempt to cover up Brad’s actions to keep him out of hassle, or simply hanging out collectively. Brad and Mark don’t share many things in common till they grow old, particularly within the 8th season where they develop a close bond while Randy is away in Costa Rica. Bradley Michael “Brad” Taylor – is the oldest, most athletic, and strongest of the three boys, once seen throwing Randy around once they received into an argument. While all three boys are portrayed as troublemakers at one level or one other, Brad will get into essentially the most critical hassle. He had a run-in with the police after throwing bricks at home windows in an deserted greenhouse, and was once discovered in possession of marijuana, which he admitted to smoking.