If you own a commercial property, there’s a good chance you put time and effort into keeping things in good shape. You may not realize that your asphalt requires the same care and maintenance that other parts of your business do.

You may wonder, though, when is it time for asphalt paving maintenance in Lexington SC? This is a good question. Some of the signs you need maintenance and repairs for the asphalt components on your property can be found here.

Alligator Cracks

An alligator crack is a shallow surface defect that opens a larger portion of the pavement. The cracks may look like an alligator’s skin (as the name implies) or a spider’s web. Sometimes, alligator cracks require complete depth reclamation of the affected area. It’s best to contact professionals to determine what should be done about the problem.

Warping or Buckling

Inspect the pavement’s surface. Does it seem even, or can you see wavy areas? Sometimes, pavement can become warped because of a compromised or insufficient base. Another cause of this problem is heavy vehicle use.

In some situations, the area can be leveled by adding more asphalt to the surface. However, in other situations, the asphalt and base must be replaced.

Drainage Issues

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to any asphalt surface. That’s because it can seep in between the layers and impact the binding agents in place. If you start to notice puddles in the parking lot, it’s best to talk to the professionals about potential solutions.

Don’t ignore problems with your asphalt. As time passes, they will continue to get worse and be even more expensive to replace. Evaluating and inspecting your pavement regularly can help you avoid more serious issues and call for professional maintenance and repairs when needed for asphalt surfaces.