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Exceeding expectations and creating life long friendships alongside the way. Being a supply of innovation, and new materials/ selections for our purchasers. Blending old and new, honoring the history of a space while aligning with modern existence. I personally oversee all my installations and go above and beyond for them. direct and very skilled contact Although we are a small firm, we accumulate greater than 10 years of experiences and glorious qualifications from our clients.

Residence Enchancment Ideas

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From bogs to living rooms, get impressed by these inventive transforming ideas, pictures and videos. Ilan Shapira, the proprietor of Remodeling California, Inc has been a contractor for the previous 20 years. Within 5 years of being within the building trade and dealing for one more firm, he couldn’t wait to get his license to start out his personal reworking firm. Our dedicated group will accompany you from the minute you name in your free session, by way of the plans and designs of your ideas, up to completion of your dream-house transforming to your full satisfaction.

A kitchen transform prices $10,000 to $50,000, while a toilet remodel prices $5,000 to $25,000. Read up on our greatest toilet transforming recommendation … Read More

Slab Jacking: Restoring Stability and Functionality to Concrete Surfaces


In the realm of construction and infrastructure maintenance, ensuring the stability and longevity of concrete surfaces is paramount. However, over time, factors such as soil erosion, settlement, and shifting can lead to the degradation and unevenness of concrete slabs, posing safety hazards and functional inefficiencies. In such cases, slab jacking emerges as a versatile and effective solution for remediation. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of slab jacking, exploring its techniques, applications, benefits, and considerations.

Understanding Slab Jacking

1. Definition and Principle

Slab jacking, also known as concrete lifting or mudjacking, is a process employed to raise and stabilize concrete slabs that have settled or sunk into the ground. The fundamental principle of slab jacking revolves around the injection of a specialized material beneath the affected slab, thereby filling voids, compacting soil, and lifting the concrete to its original position. This technique aims to restore the structural integrity and functionality of concrete surfaces without the need for extensive demolition or reconstruction.

2. Techniques of Slab Jacking

2.1. Mudjacking

Mudjacking represents one of the traditional methods of slab jacking, involving the injection of a slurry mixture beneath the sunken concrete slab. This mixture typically comprises a blend of cement, … Read More

One Hundred Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

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Exchange Engine Air Filter

If you find that drawer slides are bent, rollers are broken or rollers will not turn even after lubricating, alternative is the most effective answer. To hold the project simple, buy new slides which are similar to the old ones. That way, replacement is an easy matter of unscrewing the old and screwing on the new. Remove a drawer monitor and a cabinet observe and take them shopping with you.Learn how to construct an under-cupboard drawer here. Most newer cupboards have self-closing hinges that hold the doors shut. A catch that now not keeps a door closed is both broken or out of adjustment.

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Just buy contact up paint, fantastic tip paint applicators and wax and grease remover from any auto parts retailer. Clean the chip with the wax and grease remover and let it dry. Then dip the applicator in the paint and dab it onto the chip. Let it dry completely and apply wax after 30 days. Get the full guide to using auto contact-up paint right here. If you can see gentle creeping beneath exterior doorways, air can also be escaping.

Watch this video to see how easy it’s … Read More