Jobs In Thailand For Foreigners: You’ll Need A Work Permit

The jobs in Thailand for foreigners are welcome sights for many dreamers. It is an opportunity to work with higher wage and opportunity to see the different view outside a country of origin. It can be considered as “work-cation”. It’s a combination of two words that means you are working and at the same time you are on vacation mode.

If you are from another country and plans to work in Thailand, you’ll need to secure a working permit.  In fact, any country has a requirement to secure a working permit to work as a foreigner. To be able to work in Thailand, here are the steps you need to do.

  1. You must obtain a non-immigrant visa– basic information you need to know is that you must apply for this visa 30 days before you live your country. This is primarily a requirement for the company that will hire you for jobs in Thailand for foreigners. They will use this to apply for your working permit.
  2. Obtain a Thai work permit – the two countries that include Thailand and your country will be involved in this transaction. Normally, the Thailand government will ask for this permit certified by your country’s embassy. Although you will personally process this, both parties will be working for this permit.
  3. Secure your Tax ID card – This is one of the most important documents for your employment. As an employee, you are required to pay their taxes. The employer will provide this for you.
  4. Obtain the re-entry permit– Since you are not a permanent citizen of the country, the only way you can stay in the country is to apply for the extension of your entry to the country.
  5. Renewing your visa permit– Every 90 days you’ll have to renew your visa. This allows the Thai government to monitors your stay in their country. You have to report to their government to verify and renew your status as a foreign employee.

The necessary steps identified in this section may differ in the actual requirements. But this can help you with your initial steps to fulfill a dream.

Thailand is a very foreign-friendly country. The required documents are just examples of how easy it is to work in Thailand despite being an alien. The term alien will not be appropriate for foreigners who have completed these documents. Just work on it and complete these papers. Get your papers ready and apply for your permit.

How A Job Bank Works

Landing that dream job is no easy task especially with the tough competition nowadays. Many people settle for jobs that they do not really care about just as long as it puts food on the table. However, being employed is still a blessing in itself considering that there are so many unlucky job applicants that have been missing out on a lot of opportunities. But still, it would be really wonderful to actually be part of a company that you have always wished for and that you are living your dream job.

The Pursue for Passion and Excellence
It is not fair to shoot for the moon when you really do not have any skills or experience to begin with. This means that you must know your skills and limitations so you can set realistic career goals. You can’t go on applying for a managerial position when you haven’t even started out in the entry level. Determine what you are good at or your passion and couple it with skills and education; then you will have a clearer career path.

Unfortunately, it does not end there. The next step is to find the best companies with great compensation and benefits so you can practice your craft and get financially rewarded. The best solution is to sign up in a job bank which is definitely a great place to start. These job banks allow users to sign up and search for jobs with just a few clicks on the keyboard. It is a convenient way to search for job openings in your field and applying to them. Many hiring managers now take advantage of job banks so they can also do their part with ease and also produce results a lot faster.

Getting the Best Help
There are now many job banks online so it is best to take your time in reviewing each site. Pick a job bank which has many job options so you can apply for many positions. Most job boards would ask the user to register and then deposit their online resume. Once you are done with the initial steps, then you can search and apply for jobs that you think are fit for you. Some job boards do allow users to post their resume without even applying for a specific job. This allows hiring manager to narrow down their search and they will just contact the candidate for further evaluation and assessment.

Does Every Country Have Online Job Search Websites?

Answer is yes. Why? Because human resource managers in the public sector are faced with one unique challenge: how to find ideal candidates for civic service positions through the impersonal job recruitment process. We all know that online job search and applications are helping municipalities to accumulate a more qualified talent pool while improving the overall candidate experience. Under this mutually beneficial arrangement municipalities are more quickly and cost-effectively identifying and hiring service-minded candidates prepared and committed to serve their communities. In return, candidates are experiencing a more convenient and efficient application process.

But before you post your next round of open positions through traditional, paper-based methods, consider these benefits of the online application process.

1. Candidates who are qualified are performing job searches online.
According to recent studies, 40 percent of all Google searches are related to employment. Candidates are searching for jobs online and are expecting to continue their application process online and not by downloading, handwriting and mailing a paper application. When a candidate identifies with the job posting you did, enabling him/her to immediately submit an application online, while he/she is still highly motivated and excited by the opportunity, will result in a more thorough and expressive and positive application.

2. Candidates who are qualified are on mobile.
Applicants are also doing online job search for opportunities from their mobile devices. According to a recent survey, 43 percent of job candidates have used their mobile device to look for a job. Today’s workforce, especially younger generations, prefer to use their mobile devices for research – including job opportunities. The audience that wants to pay their bills online also wants the opportunity to find and apply for jobs online. Having an online application built into your mobile optimized website will expand your potential talent pool exponentially and increase your chances of more quickly hiring the ideal candidate.

3. Qualified candidates are tech savvy
We grow as a society with digitally knowledgeable and reliant learning every day. In addition, today’s millennial and post-millennial generations that are just entering the work force are heavily tech-savvy. Candidates with technical skills will be an asset to your municipality, but you may not find these qualified candidates if you are only accepting paper applications and not posting open positions online. A more streamlined online application process will also signal to candidates that your municipality embraces modern technology and values their time, which will improve their perception of a position giving local service to their government.

Can You Find Tech Jobs In Thailand?

Technology has a way of bringing people closer. Imagine, with just a simple click on the computer, plus a strong internet connection, one can already have the chance to talk to your loved one miles away. With technology, everything has become so fast-paced that one has trouble keeping up with its pace.

Technology can also bring wonders to places where it has touched. Amongst all the countries the world over, Thailand seems to be on one of the top places to consider in expanding your technological career.

Previously, Thai companies were still a bit hesitant to venture out in this unchartered area. However, as the years went by, Thailand slowly welcomed foreigners into their working force, particularly when it comes to tech jobs.

If you are from the information technology or computer science department, this article is for you. Thailand is becoming one of the technological hot spots nowadays, making it an ideal place to begin looking for greener pastures.

Here are some of the most common positions that one can apply for in Thailand:

  • Web designer
  • Build, design and improve user interface for websites
  • They make use of their understanding of user experience to make the website design
  • Also known as front end developer
  • Web developers
  • Focuses more on the design and appearance of the website
  • Technical aspects are their forte; they can determine how many visitors the website can handle and create site content using technical features
  • Also known as web designer, full-stack developer (if they are able to do both front- and back-end development work)
  • Java developers
  • Web developers who are well versed with the Java coding system
  • Design and implement java-run systems
  • Develops and tests software
  • Resolves issues that arise
  • Software developer
  • Builds and maintains systems that make it possible to run devices and networks
  • Application development for gadgets (mobile phones, computers, and other devices)
  • Software engineers
  • Focuses more on the application of mathematics, computer science and engineering in developing web design
  • They also develop and test computer software applications
  • Data scientist
  • Just like typical scientists, they gather raw data and do analysis on them using computations and mathematical equations
  • Processes the data to arrive at interpretations and conclusions, ultimately creating meaningful solutions to end users

Living in a foreign place like Thailand can seem daunting. However, if the reason for your stay would be to pursue your passion in tech jobs, then there is nothing for you to fear. Creating something with passion leads to a more meaningful life for everyone.

It’s Harder To Find A Job In Hua Hin Than Elsewhere In Thailand

Working overseas is somehow looking very great to those who wanted to keep their money flowing. It can also be the way to get yourself a lot of money to save. People always say that job opportunities from different countries offer a lot more than the country you live in. Sometimes, that is not true.

This is because of the laws that countries can have about foreigners working within their country. It is also a way to keep those cloud nine thoughts out of the stereotype. This goes the same with Thailand. As much as possible, they keep lines for their expat workers.

Working Foreigner
There are a lot of expats looking for a job within Thailand. Mostly, they are in HuaHin. This place is known to be having a thin line opportunity for foreigners as workers. This is because of the law that they have within the country. It is the one effective in HuaHin.

Expats can have limited job in HuaHin as opportunities. This is because of the “Alien Working Act” B.E. 2551 (2008) that they have. It is to give way to the natives in Thailand in every jobs that is open.

The Answer to Why
This could be somehow different from the perspective of a person to work overseas. Such as hunting for a job in HuaHin, it could be hard for an expat to get one. There are several reasons why they have this on foreigners as workers.

The first one is to give chances to those who are native. The Thai people has been given job opportunities that foreigners can’t have. The next one is to maintain the authenticity of anything related to traditions. This is why making of traditional items is included within the 39 prohibited jobs for foreigners.

Open job opportunities
If there are closed doors, there should also be open ones. This includes the jobs that foreigners could have. Getting bothered with the other prohibited jobs is not great. You should look for a solution. Here are the few job opportunities that one could have if they are an expat.

  • Teaching English
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Running your own business

These are somehow very easy to those who have knowledge within these three. Teaching English is somehow a needed job. It is to teach the natives with their English skills. Hotels and resorts are good for those who already have a degree with hotels. Own businesses require legal papers to start and operate within Thailand.